These are a few things that EMPLOYERS say about Labor Law:
“Labor Law has always been committed to excellence through good work and favorable results.”
-- John Mayhem, President, Mayhem Metal Plating
“Labor Law Inc., the best!! No attorney was needed and straight to the point.  I knew that we had a major problem and the resulting liability was due to the good efforts of our assigned Labor Law consultants.”
-- Victor Moreno, CEO, Intro Design Custom Wheels
“I have never had an employment law question that a consultant at Labor Law has not been able to answer.”
-- David Flores, Owner, Flores Armed Security
“My janitorial business has been subjected to numerous investigations by both State and Federal Labor Departments.  After we retained Labor Law, Inc. my investigations were concluded.  We haven’t been bothered since.”
-- Richard Johnson, CFO, Corporate Building Services
“As a Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner for the California Labor Commission, I personally trained Mr. Atilano.  I have also seen Jesse Atilano and his staff grow in expertise and size.  If I had an acquaintance that found themselves in trouble, no doubt Labor Law Inc. would be on top of my list to recommend for defense.”
-- John Carter, Former California Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner and Supervising Hearing Officer
“Labor Law definitely did the job.”
-- Craig Anson, Owner, Secure Services Inc.
“I was skeptical and cautious, Labor Law made no promises.  The results incredible beyond belief.  I now run my company with the confidence that I have the best on my side.”
-- Modesto Gudino, President, Best Landscaping
“I hired an attorney who said he knew everything about labor laws.  I paid a large retainer believing that I would have good representation.  NOT SO TRUE!  In the middle of my case someone recommended Jesse Atilano and Labor Law.  Mr. Atilano and Labor Law staff represented me at numerous labor hearings.  Originally I was cited to pay nearly $250,000.00. After the proceedings the judge decided I was to pay less than $5000.00.  I greatly appreciate the aggressive representation and knowledge of Mr. Atilano.”
-- Ricky Manugian, Owner, Ricky’s Car Wash
“My family had a half million dollar case before the Department of Labor.  Labor officials wanted us out of business, and the holidays were upon us.  Mr. Atilano represented me at labor hearings;  it was Christmas Eve, at 4:30pm when the representative from DOL, after a long day of court activity, approached Mr. Atilano to amicably resolve the case.  After a short discussion with me, Mr. Atilano offered my former employees $20.00 each, which they accepted.  The DOL representative commented that the employees were just as lucky as I was, “The employees received bus fare and you have Atilano.”  I was very fortunate.”
-- Silvia Sanchez, Owner, Loren's Fashion
“I should have never hired an attorney.  Labor Law Inc. took care of everything and the DOL has never bothered me since.”
-- Dr. Carlos Lopez
“My firm has delegated the responsibility of representing our clients to Labor Law Inc.  Of the approximately hundred clients referred, none have complained, and all comments have been positive.”
-- Ryan Lee, President, AP Payroll Services
“Labor Law is good.  They help me and my employees understand labor laws.  Labor Law staff does our Cal OSHA meetings, training regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, and assures that we are in compliance.”
-- Mimi Chan, South Bay BBQ

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